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Siow ENT clinic is equipped with the advanced endoscopes system and various audiological testing equipment that enable a full assessment of most ENT problems that subsequently enable our patient a safe and confident treatment.


Our clinic consultant Dr.Siow is an experienced National Specialist Registered Otorhinolaryngologist. He is also a consultant to the Maria Hospital and a visiting consultant to Other Hospital for Inpatient Treatments, Surgical Treatments, Radiological Investigations, Relevant Laboratory Investigations and referral to other available medical speciality when necessary.

Special Interest In Rhinology

Siow ENT Philosophy


Aiming to Provide Patient With Minimally Invasive Intervention Methods Combined With Advanced Diagnostics


Results & Recovery


My focus is on excellent surgical results, a superior patient experience and optimal recovery times. Our priority is returning you to your active life as early as possible



Latest Diagnostic and Treatment

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