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Head and Neck Diseases

Screening, Diagnosis and Management of Cancers and Neck Lumps


Nasopharyngeal cancer Screening and diagnosis


Cancers of  throat, mouth and nose diagnosis


Salivary glands(parotid and submandibular) tumour surgery


Fine needle aspiration


Special Diagnostic NBI


We offer Special Endoscopic Method


NBi is an optical image enhancement technology that enhances the visibility of vessels and other tissue on the mucosal surface. narrow band illumination, which is strongly absorbed by haemoglobin and penetrates only the surface of tissue, is ideal for enhancing the contrast between the two. as a result, under narrow band illumination, capillaries on the mucosal surface are displayed in brown on the monitor, and veins in the submucosa are displayed in cyan.

An optical filter technology that radically improves diagnostic capabilities.


Revolutionary optical filter technology

Significantly improves the visibility of capillaries, veins and other subtle tissue structures

Proven results for early detection of cancer

Identify suspicious areas more accurately

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