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A new hope for hayfever sufferers


Siow ENT is committed to offering evidence based options for our allergic rhinitis patients and is proud to offer Rhinolight treatment as a novel new approach to control symptoms of hayfever.


Allergic rhinitis, although not life threatening, significantly affects the quality of the patient’s daily life.


The three major steps in the treatment of the condition are:

- Avoidance of allergens

- Symptom control such as an antihistamines and nasal steroid sprays

- Immunotherapy or desensitization to the allergy


Avoidance of the allergen is not always possible and symptom relief is often limited, despite the availability of a number of pharmacological options. Specific immunotherapy demands a high level of cooperation on the part of the patient for at least three years.


However, a new evidence based treatment has been endorsed by several Global Allergy Centres.


Endonosal phototherapy with the Rhinolight device for the treatment of immunoglobulin E-mediated allergic rhinitis is a new option that utilizes the imnmunosuppressive effects of UV radiation.


Rhinolight uses 5% UV-B, 25% UV-A plus 70% visible light, shone up the nostril for 2-3 minutes, to knock out the basophils, mast cells and eosinophils that mediate the allergic reaction in the nose.


Rhino-therapy has been proven to lead to a significant improvement of clinical symptoms for sneezing, nasal itching, and total nasal score, compared to baseline. Phototherapy has an immunosuppresive effect and phototherapeutic methods utilising both UV and visible light are widely used for the therapy of various inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis and atopic dematitis.


Benefits of Rhinolight:

- Helps to quickly reduce allergic symptoms, which can also enable the patient to then start allergy treatmet, which may otherwise have exacerbated already severe symptoms

- Cost-effective and safe

The results of additional studies have been presented at various medical conferences and in abstracts. Reports in the literature confirm that phototherapy is a well-established and successful treatment of atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases.

Siow ENT is proud to offer Rhinolight as a treatment option for allergic rhinitis sufferers.



The Rhinolight Indications


For hay fever symptoms that don't improve with oral antihistamines or nasal spray.
For patients who cannot use oral medications for fear of contraindication or side effects (pregnant or breast feeding women).
For patients who are want to avoid long-term use of oral medication or topical treatments.
Can be used at the same time with oral antihistamines.
Can be applied with hyposensitization therapy.


The Merits of the Rhinolight


There is no risk of side effects.
We cannot deny that some people experience side effects from anti-allergy drugs or steroids. Steroids in particular can cause serious side effects and the use of steroid injections is not condoned by the Otological Society or the Society of Allergology.
Rhinolight treatment consists only of bombarding the nasal mucus membrane with light so there is no risk of side effects. Therefore, this treatment is perfect for people who cannot take medication, athletes who are restricted from taking certain medications, or children.

It's a quick and painless procedure.
One treatment with the Rhinolight takes approximately 2 minutes. All we do is insert the Rhinolight tool into the nose and bombard the area with light for 2 minutes.
There is no pain as often accompanies laser treatments so children can also undergo the procedure.

You begin to see real results immediately after treatment.
Although it varies based on symptoms, some patients begin to see real results after only one treatment.
In general, the treatment is fully effective with 2-3 treatments per week for 2-4 weeks.

Early treatment is most effective.
The Rhinolight can alleviate symptoms of hay fever symptoms even when administered in the middle of pollen season when pollen is already released into the air.
According to recent reports, it is more effective to treat hay fever and seasonal allergies before the symptoms actually begin.
It is also effective against allergic rhinitis from house dust and perennial allergies so please contact us if you are suffering from any kind of allergic rhinitis.


The Rhinolight FAQ


How many times is the treatment necessary?
It varies based on the symptoms, but in general treatment is most effective at 2-3 times per week for 2 weeks. Patients with several allergies may need further treatment sessions. Please consult with the doctor in charge. It is recommended that patients suffering from year round allergies (house dust, dani, etc.) undergo 8 sessions over 6 weeks.

How much does the treatment cost? ( Cost in Malaysia is slightly cheaper )
This new treatment is not covered by insurance programs. For Example the Clinics in Japan, Rhinolight treatment costs 15,750 yen for 1 treatment, 42,000 yen for 3 treatments, 84,000 yen for 6 treatments, and 96,000 yen for 8 treatments.

Are there cases where people cannot undergo Rhinolight treatment?
We will determine whether or not it is safe for a patient to receive Rhinolight treatment during the pre-treatment consultation. For children under the age of 12 we will observe the symptoms and make a decision.

Can the Rhinolight completely eradicate allergy symptoms?
Patients who undergo treatment over several years see an improvement in symptoms. Some patients have even stopped having symptoms of allergies all together. We are currently conducting research into whether or not Rhinolight treatment can completely cure allergy symptoms.

How does Rhinolight alleviate hay fever symptoms?
The Rhinolight is a medical tool that uses special wavelengths of light using patented technology. In the field of dermatology, it has long been understood that light treatment can affect the immune system. Therefore it can be thought that the Rhinolight can restrict the allergic reaction of the nasal mucus even in the presence of allergens.

Does the Rhinolight treatment hurts? How long does it take?
It does not hurt at all. It takes a few minutes for each time.

How long does it take for the treatment to take effect?
It varies between patients and symptoms, but some patients see results immediately after their first treatment. On rare occasions, symptoms worsen after the first treatment, but that is only temporary. The majority of patients see improvement of their symptoms within 2-4 weeks of treatment.

Are there any side effects?
In some situations there is drying of the nasal mucus membrane. Application of ointment or cream can prevent the drying of the nasal mucus membrane.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding women undergo Rhinolight treatment?
Pregnant or breastfeeding women cannot take anti-allergy medication but they can undergo Rhinolight treatment without worry.

Can sports athletes undergo Rhinolight treatment?
Yes. This treatment is particularly recommended for professional athletes who are forbidden to use steroids banned on the doping list.

Can you take anti-allergy medication while undergoing Rhinolight treatment?
Most anti-allergy medications are only partially effective so you can expect that combination therapy with the Rhinolight treatment will have a more synergistic effect.

Is the Rhinolight treatment effective against animal hair or house dust?
Yes. The Rhinolight function against allergic rhinitis is effective regardless of the allergen, whether is be pollen, house dust, or animal hair. The Rhinolight tool uses special wavelengths of light to treat the nasal mucus membrane.

Is the Rhinolight the same as other lamp medical tools on the market?
No, it is completely different. This is a unique medical tool. It is completely different from medical light tools sold on the market. The Rhinolight is a medical tool that uses special wavelengths of light and can only be operated by a medical professional. At present, there has been no report of any other medical light tool that is effective against allergic rhinitis. The Rhinolight is a medical light tool that uses strong combined wavelengths of light. The Rhinolight is a medical light tool developed as allergy treatment of the nasal mucus, and has international patents.

Why does the SIOWENT Clinic have a Rhinolight?
At SIOWENT Clinic, we adopted the Skinolight a year and a half ago for treatment of leukoplakia, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, alopecia areata, and other dermatological allergies and hair disorders. The Skinolight uses the same light wavelengths as the Rhinolight. Hay fever is a type of allergy disease, and just as with skin allergies, the use of special light wavelengths could be used to restrict the secretion of histamine by the mast cells of the mucus membrane and prevent the appearance of allergy symptoms. This means that treatment can be carried out by changing the applicator from the dermatological applicator to the the nasal applicator. At SIOWENT Clinic, we have a policy of adopting treatments that are effective against a variety of diseases such as state of the art light or laser equipment. The Rhinolight is one of these tools.

Please contact the clinic if you are interested in the treatment.



RHINOLIGHT ,通過照射混光的紫外線和可見光向當地的是治療裝置期望在症狀的改善。 連續光被照射,因為它是輸出僅當治療是避免不必要的輻射安全。 光治療被證明是有效的過敏疾病,即使後,各種研究已經進行,這是用在臨床治療目前。







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